Thursday 9th December - Conference Party

The Conference Party will be held at the Praia Mole Eco Village Hotel, in the Mole Beach. Come join us to celebrate this moment of union and relaxation where you will be able to experience the real carnival spirit with the performance of “Escola de Samba”, one of the most important Brazilian manifestation of culture.
Besides trying to learn the first steps of “samba”, you will taste some of the rich traditional food of the Island, in an All You Can Eat, Drink and Dance evening party.

Cost: R$85 (includes dinner, drinks, entertainment and transportation from all the official hotels but Jurerê Beach Village and, of course, Praia Mole Eco Village)

Costume: informal (shorts, sandals, t-shirts, …)

Schedule: from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Accompanying Persons Tour

Floripa by bus

Floripa by bus offers two tour routes, which include visit to historical point and beaches.

This local tour will present you the picturesque atmosphere of Florianópolis, you will see the cultural heritage of the settlers of the island, the progress and all the changes that occurred showing the folk traditions and the diverse ecosystems. You will see the beauty of the historic city, the amazing view of the Conceição Lagoon – Lagoa da Conceição – and some of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

If you choose this tour, you will realize the contrasts and characteristics of the south part of Santa Catarina Island, with a special reference to the original Atlantic Coast Forest which is grandly presented, it´s an icon of local forest preservation. You will also see ecological parks, rough water beaches like Morro das Pedras or calm water beaches like Armação and enjoy the quietness, peaceful places and wonderful views that you can only see in the South Part of the island.

Cost: Included, only one tour, in the accompanying persons package R$60 which they can choose during the conference. The delegate also can get the tour during the conference for R$30 (each tour)

Capacity: 40 people for each tour

Duration: 3hrs


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