Santa Catarina Island

Florianópolis, also known by the nickname Floripa or Ilha da Magia (Island of Magic), is the capital city of the Santa Catarina state in the southern of Brazil and one of the country's most wealthy areas. It is located mainly on the Island of Santa Catarina. The island is connected to the mainland by bridges which allow easy access to the main cities of the southern of Brazil and the capitals of Uruguay and Argentina. It is only a one hour non-stop flight from São Paulo, Brazil's largest city, and a flight of just over two hours from Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, and Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

With a population of 460,000 inhabitants Floripa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South of America. One can find superb beaches, beautiful sceneries, hills, lagoons, dunes, natural reserves, interesting culture and friendly people. There are 42 beaches around the island, each diverse and unique in it's own way. In Floripa, shopping centers and small fishing villages coexist harmoniously.




An enormous number of restaurants can be visited in the Ilha da Magia, where a rich variety of international dishes are served. Chinese and Japanese food, Spanish, Portuguese and even regional cooking, are some examples of what can be enjoyed here. From the most traditional dish to exotic food, the wide range of restaurants will meet all tastes. Seafood dishes are the specialty in Florianopolis. The oysters, which are cultivated in the south area of the island, in the turned side of the continent, can be consumed very fresh, soon after being extracted from the sea.



Florianópolis benefits from an ideal subtropical climate with no extremes of weather. Mean daily temperature in December is between 21°C and 27°C.

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Getting to Florianópolis
By Air

From international flights is possible, with connections in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or even Buenos Aires.
From São Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos – GRU): Both TAM and GOL have three non-stop flights a day. The flights are early morning, afternoon and evening and take around 55 minutes.
From Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeão – GIG): TAM has two non-stop flights per day, one late morning and one late afternoon, while GOL has a late morning non-stop flight and a late evening flight that makes a stop in Curitiba. Non-stop flights take around 1hr 30 minutes.
From Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza – EZE): GOL has a late evening flight which returns early in the morning. Both flights stop in Porto Alegre, making the journey around 3 hours long.

By Land

There are several bus companies that offer regular services linking Florianopolis with different areas of Brazil and with neighboring countries such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Overnight buses are available to travel to Florianópolis from both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The trip takes about ten hours from Sao Paulo, and eighteen from Rio de Janeiro.



More about Florianópolis: http://www.floripaimages.com/info.php
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