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Brazil Banks & Money

The currency unit in Brazil is the Real (BRL). ATM Machines usually operate from 6am to 10pm, but international credit cards aren't accepted in all of them. The machines that do accept international credit cards show the symbol(s) of the types of international cards they accept. The banks HSBC, Citybank and Banco do Brasil (BB) have ATM machines that accept international credit cards. It is advisable that tourists carry some “reais” by the time they arrive in Florianópolis, once there is no currency exchange office at the airport . It is possible to do some exchange at the airport in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo. In Florianópolis, there are some currency exchange offices that can be recognized by the signs showing "Cambio".

Electrical Voltage: Electricity voltages vary from one state to another. Check the voltage before connecting any electrical appliance to an outlet. The voltage in Florianópolis is 220V and the outlet used at the Conference Venue is the first in the picture below. The other three types of outlets showed in the picture are other possibilities of outlet you might face at your hotel or at any other place you go.

Language: The official language in Brazil is Portuguese; however, the accent and the intonation may vary from region to region, and some words might have different meaning from north to south
Country Dialing Code: +55

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