On behalf of the Biometric Argentinean Region we would like to express our pleasure in receiving all of you, along our Brazilian partners, in the XXV International Biometric Conference to be held in the city of Florianopolis between the 5th and the 10th of December 2010.
For us the Conference is a big responsibility but at the same time it fills us with pride that the IBS trusted our regions to proceed with such important event for the biometric community.
Waiting for a wide participation of colleagues from all around the world, we invite you, apart assisting to the diverse programmed academic activities, to know our geography and our people. In 2010, Argentina will be celebrating the bicentenary as a nation and it would be a really good time to visit the country.

Thank you and very welcome,

Sergio Bramardi, Nélida Winzer, and Mónica Balzarini

Current and ex-Presidents of the IBS Argentinean Region.



Sergio Bramardi
Presidente Región Argentina


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