The Brazilian Region of the International Biometric Society (RBras) is a cultural, non-profit scientific society founded in 1955, dedicated to Brazilian researchers working with mathematical and statistical aspects of Agricultural Sciences, Biology and related fields. According to its statute, RBras seeks to stimulate the research activities of its partners, encouraging and supporting scientific events .


  • To bring together researchers from the area of Applied Statistics, Biometrics and Biostatistics;
  • To promote scientific events to discuss research topics in Applied Statistics;
  • To disseminate the methods developed in the field of Statistics;
  • To offer courses on new topics in Applied Statistics.
  • RBras belongs to the International Biometric Society (IBS, https://www.biometricsociety.org), made up of several other regions and countries and involving researchers in the field of Biometrics from all over the world.



  • The RBras conferences take place annually and, every two years, are held together with the Symposium on Statistics Applied to Agronomic Experimentation (SEAGRO), and represent the main Brazilian congress on Applied Statistics and Biometrics. With each holding of the RBras Annual Meeting, there is a growing involvement of the participants, which can be verified by publications and testimonies. An evolution in the quality of the presented works is also clearly seen, as a result of the maturing of professionals working in the fields of Statistics, Applied Statistics, Experimentation and Biometrics in Brazil, showing its multidisciplinarity and its consolidation over the years.
  • These areas grew with the development of information technology over the last 20 years, thus enabling Statistics to occupy a prominent position as a fundamental methodology for the planning and statistical analysis of experiments, with a relevant role in the application of the scientific method. However, it is known that most problems are hardly solved with knowledge of just one area. Thus, the holding of events, such as the RBras meetings, constitutes an interesting opportunity for information exchange and dissemination of the statistical method, thus bringing together professionals in the most varied areas of knowledge.

Area Growth